General Course Conditions

  • LEXIS LANGUAGE SCHOOL (LLS) obliges to provide a qualified teacher for the course (Czech, native, or a combination) according to the order of the customer (client), provide the teacher with all the information and documentation needed for the course and ensure the availability of the teaching materials.
  • LLS informs the client about the courses via monthly sending of the information about the charged lessons and the participants attendance, and according to the course version also via reports about individual participants’ study results.
  • The courses take place in the location agreed on by both LLS and the client. The place and time of the courses is always indicated in the order. It is possible to move the regular course time after early previous agreement with the teacher and LLS. The “flexible” courses enable the flexible agreement of the participants and the teacher. However, with “flexible” courses the teacher cannot guarantee mainly morning and afternoon times that are usually occupied by the fixed time courses.
  • In case the teacher cannot come to the lesson (illness, holiday), LLS obliges to provide an adequate substitution. In exceptional cases, when a substitution would be impossible to provide, the participants will be informed and will be offered a compensatory lesson or, with the pre-paid course, the time tolerance will be prolonged in a corresponding way, so that there is no loss on the side of the client.
  • The participants can cancel the lesson without a charge until 4 p.m. of a previous workday on 602 528 184 (LLS) or by direct agreement with the teacher, who is obliged to inform LLS about it. The lessons agreed and not cancelled within this time and not attended by any of the participants must be covered fully by the client.
  • The teacher waiting time for the course participants is 30 minutes with 90-minute classes and 20 minutes with 60-minute classes. After this time the teacher has the right to leave and the class is considered late cancelled. If the teacher is reasonably late (up to 15 minutes), the participants are entitled to the adequate lesson prolonging. In case of the teacher’s repeated undesirable delay the participants have a right to change the teacher.
  • With pre-paid classes there is always an agreed number of lessons and a period in which it is possible for the participants to take the classes (so called “time tolerance”). All classes abandoned within the time tolerance of the particular course expire on behalf of LLS. The deadline of the time tolerance is given in the order as a period between the start and the end of the course. If the lesson does not take place on the part of LLS or the teacher, the time tolerance will be prolonged adequately.
  • In case of dissatisfaction of the course participants with the assigned teacher or with the course running the client informs LLS, which obliges to arrange a remedy by the course programme makeover or the teacher replacement in the shortest possible term.
  • If the course participants will not keep the basic conditions of successful course passing, i.e. mainly if the participants will not have the recommended study material, will not prepare for the classes, will miss more classes without a compensation, or will choose such a lesson structure that it will not be possible to fulfil the course plan, LLS does not take responsibility for the course participants’ language progress.

Thank you for respecting the course conditions and we wish you a lot of success in your language studies. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of need.

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